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What we will do.....  

We will endeavor to propagate the faith, support one another, and reach out in fellowship by sharing and caring throughout God’s world.

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St. John's Lutheran Church
99 Church Street, Hamburg, PA 19526-1213

Office Phone: 610-562-3808

Fax: 610-562-7616

Upcoming Events
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10/4/2014     Women's Retreat Friedens Church
10/4/2014     Fabulous Fall Fling Topton Lutheran Home
10/4/2014     5:30 PM Saturday Night Communion Service
10/5/2014     9:00 AM Sunday School & 1st Holy Communion 
10/5/2014     10:15 AM Worship with 1st Holy Communion
10/5/2014     Catechetical Orientation follows Worship
10/6/2014     Cemetary Cleanup
10/6/2014     6:45 Laurel Center
10/12/2014     10:30 Shared Worship at Friedens Church 
10/12/2014     No Sunday School
10/17/2014     Apple Dumpling & Sticky Bun Sale
10/18/2014     Apple Dumpling & Sticky Bun Sale

"What do you think? A man had two sons; he went to the first and said, "Son, go and work in the vineyard today." ~ Matthew 21:28