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St. John's Lutheran Church
99 Church Street, Hamburg, PA 19526-1213

Office Phone: 610-562-3808

Fax: 610-562-7616

We will endeavor to propagate the faith, support one another, and reach out in fellowship by sharing and caring throughout God’s world.
Who we are....
We are a people of God who serve our lord Jesus Christ.  
We are a congregation which is open to people with special needs.
We are 750 families.  
People like you 
 Single, married with children, without children, with pets, without pets. 

Life-long Lutherans, recent Lutherans, and those sorting out who they are and what they believe.

3/31/2019         10:15 AM Worship       
4/6/2019         5:30 PM Worship w/ Holy Communion       
4/7/2019         10:15 AM Worship w/ Holy Communion      
4/14/2019         Palm Sunday       
4/14/2019         9:00 AM Breakfast      
4/14/2019         10:15 AM Worship w/ Holy Communion       
4/18/2019         Maundy Thursday       
4/18/2019         7:00 PM Worship w/ Holy Communion       
4/19/2019         Good Friday       
4/19/2019         11:00 AM Cross walk begings at Victory Chapel      
4/19/2019         12:00 PM Service at 1st UCC      
4/19/2019         7:00 PM Worship      
4/21/2019         Easter Sunday      
4/21/2019         7:30 AM Worship w/ Holy Communion       
4/21/2019         10:15 AM Worship w/ Holy Communion       
4/28/2019         10:15 AM Worship       

He himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the light. ~ John 1:8