Joseph's Bench Ministry

“ There Joseph made his home in a town called Nazareth….”
          St. John’s has been blessed by God in many ways. One of the most significant and exciting blessings is the plethora of good tradesman who belong to our congregation. Freck Miller epitomizes the essence of what it means to be a craftsman in the art of carpentry. He has made Baptismal Chests, table decorations and now 6 private communion sets, which will be utilized by the Eucharistic Ministry Team.
          The communion sets will serve as reminders of God’s grace and St. John’s devotion to the shut-in members of our congregation each time a home communion is celebrated. 

          It would be a shame to allow this vital carpentry ministry to fall by the wayside. Therefore, I am asking all members with an interest in carpentry to join together in a team called Joseph’s Bench. The name recalls Joseph’s role as the father of our Lord and his devotion to the raising of Jesus.
          If you are interested in joining this carpentry ministry team contact Ken Arndt, Freck Miller or the Church Office for additional information. Building for the future is St. John’s number one mission and this ministry has both a spiritual and physical expression.
Pastor Burl

Christ is risen, Alleluia!