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Kinder Klass Pre-School of
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 



The news of school closures for the rest of the year saddens our hearts so deeply. It is hard to process that we will not get to say a proper goodbye to our beloved Kinder Klass kids. You are our sunshine! 


To our Preschool class: We miss you, but look forward to having your shining faces back with us in the fall. We still have so much to learn and share with you!


To our Pre-K class: You are all shining stars! Although we were not able to finish our year together do not forget all that we have learned, we have learned so much! In the fall you will start on your greatest new adventure into Kindergarten! Take with you your best listening ears, remember how to stand in a line, raise your hand, always say “yes please” or “no thank you”, share, be a good friend, take turns, NEVER say “I can’t” ALWAYS say “I’ll try”, wash your hands, remember your ABC’s and numbers, stand tall and proud when you pledge the flag, be brave and know that you are smart and kind and YOU ARE GOING TO BE A SUPERSTAR in Kindergarten...Kinder Klass kids are the BEST!!


To our parents: I know how your hearts are breaking for your kids right now. This has been such a tough situation on so many levels. Please know that we are here for you! Please feel free to contact us with anything you may need. 


We will be try and pull some fun things for the kids to stay connected with us through our FB group page we talked about in the letter we sent in the beginning of April and other information to wrap up this year and honor our kids. 


For now, hug your kids and keep inspiring them. Find a positive support system to help keep your mind and soul strong too! We carry a huge task on our shoulders as parents to be everything for kind with yourself and offer yourself and others grace during these tough times.


Love and blessing to all and we will be checking in with you soon!


Ms. Susan and Ms. Steph ÃƒÆ’¢ÂÂ¤¸Â




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