Parish Education Events


Sunday School   (ages 2-Teens)  

9-10 AM

       Sunday School Classes
Nursery:  Ages 2-PreK
Primary:  Kindergarten - Grade 3
Junior:  Grades 4-6

Catechetical Classes for Confirmation
For 7th graders and higher

Teen Class  
Third Sunday of the month 
For 9th grade and older youth who have been confirmed

2018-2019 Theme: God's Work,Our Hands

We will explore how we do God’s work by helping others. When we use our hands to help someone in our community and the world, we are sharing God's love.  Students will be adding hand stickers to the cross indicating how they used their hands to do God's work.

Be Ready
Christ the King
A Good Ruler
Mark 13:1-8
John 18:33-37
Jeremiah 33:14-17


Sunday School Anthem at Family Worship Service
Sunday, November 18
10:15 AM

The children are rehearsing their anthem during Sunday School and will sing it for your during worship.


Sunday, December 2
After worship

In the midst of hectic holiday hustle and bustle, its important to keep our focus on the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth with a time of fellowship including an Advent nativity craft and a potluck luncheon.

Bring a pot luck item.  If your name begins with A-L bring a main dish/casserole, M-Z bring a side dish or dessert.

Sunday, December 16
Papers will be coming home requesting information on which students would like speaking parts in the pageant. We will be practicing during Sunday School classes to prepare for the performance.  All children will be given a part (speaking or non-speaking) and will practice an anthem to be sung.  We will need parent involvement to help make the program a success.  Donations of cookies and drinks will be needed for the Sunday School sponsored Welcome Table following worship on 12/16.
11/11 Completed forms Due
11/18 Distribution of scripts & costume fittings
12/2, 12/19, 12/16—Rehearsals
12/16 Pageant and Welcome Table

How we celebrate birthdays in Sunday School!
We have a special way of celebrating birthdays in Sunday School.  A child brings in pennies (or any type of coin) for our birthday bank.  At the end of the year, the Parish Education team and students decide where to donate the donated change. 

We also sing “Happy Birthday” and the child blows out candles on the cake. Each child picks a gift that related to the Sunday School theme for the year.  This year’s theme is “God’s Work, Our Hands.”


Lenten 2018 Project:  Drops of Water

Together we raised $1,000 which purchased 4 shares of a well
through ELCA Good Gifts.

Praise be to God!

Past Advent & Lent Projects
Diakon Adoption and Foster Care Packages
Military Care Packages


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