Led By: Karla Jensen
 Contact Email: secretarykellyz@gmail.com 
The purpose of the Evangelism Committee is to:
a)  Stimulate and lead all members of the congregation in a continuous effort to re-awaken the spiritually indifferent, and to reach others, who are yet unknown, with the Gospel, and attach them to Christ’s Church.
b)  Make special concerted efforts to do the above from time to time.
c)  Devote itself to deepening the spiritual life of the congregation
d)  Periodically study the congregation in the context of its surrounding community
e)  Contact new people in the community promptly as to church attendance.
f)   Assist new members to familiarize themselves with congregational life.
g)  Conduct regular follow-ups on the prospect list.
h)  Employ programs for reclaiming inactive and unresponsive members.
i)   Arrange for the Annual Confirmation Reunion.
j)   Conduct periodic church attendance campaigns.

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