Led By: Dean Schreffler
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The Communication Committee meets on an as-needed basis.

The purpose of the Communication Committee is to:
a)  Enhance the enrichment and education through technology for the benefit of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
b)  Video tape, photograph and archive church events for insurance and history purposes. These events to include services, special events, youth programs, etc.
c)  Encourage the use of technology.
d)  Develop and use our web page to convey news and current events of not only St. John’s but also of the Synod and the ECLA.
e)  Open communication avenues to the community and potential members through our web page other web page links.
f)  Create and e-mail avenue of communication for congregational and non-congregational members.

Click HERE to read the 2019 Annual Report for the Communications Committee 

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