Led By: Doug Adams
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Committee Members: Doug Adams, Gary Galla, Dale Heckman, 
Egon Leutze, Dean Schreffler

The Property Committee meets every 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM

The purpose of the Property Committee is to:

a)  Oversee the proper maintenance of church property.
b)  Oversee renovations, property improvements and repairs of church property.
c)  Assure the proper security of the church.
d)  Maintain and attractive and welcoming appearance to the exterior and interior of the church.
e)  Frequently inspect the church property to any necessary repairs.
f)  The Committee should meet on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed.
g)  Oversee maintenance contracts with external vendors and contractors.
h)  Develop and recommend an appropriate annual property monetary and project budget.
i)  Provide recommendations as to the property value so that the church can be adequately insured.

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