Parish Education
Parish Education
 Led By: Bethany Thren 
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Committee Meets at 8:15 a.m. on the third Sunday of every month from September - May.

The purpose of the Parish Education Committee is to:

a)  Oversee and promote the church schools and also coordinate the goals of Christian Education in all the organizations within the Church.
b)  Bring the call to the ministry of the gospel, other full time church vocations, and the advantages of the church’s colleges, to the attention of qualified youth of the congregation.
c)  Promote and gather information on Bear Creek Camp to candidates who are eligible for Camp Scholarships on a yearly basis.
d)  Promote and gather information to help select candidates for Book Tuition Scholarships on a yearly basis.
e)  Oversee the duties of the Christian Education Program and establish Sunday School Policy. In addition, plan special events for the teachers and staff, and resolve any problems that arise.
f)   Provide Christian books and videos for our members.
g)  Provide an intensive learning experience during the summer vacation.

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